Hi! I am Oleg Alexandrov, Market Analyst, Author of Chart Reading Pro

I became interested in trading on the exchanges during the financial crisis at the end of 2008. “What a huge potential lies in the trends!” – I thought.

However, all available popular information about trading was not of high practical benefit. Trading at the crossing of moving averages is too easy. Money cannot be earned in this way. A unique advantage is needed. The usual trading strategies for MACD, CCI, RSI did not give them.

Then I began to acquire knowledge on my own. Intuitively, I decided that the most promising area is volume analysis. Intuition did not disappoint.

By attending webinars, translating books and articles, I gathered a complete picture step by step. This is a universal market vision. Then I broke the picture into 10 parts. And I received 5 Signs of Strength and 5 Signs of Weakness. This is a special approach for market analysis, which I call Chart Reading.

My approach is based on:

1. The Law of Inequality

2. The Law of Supply and Demand

3. The Law of Effort and Result

The cruel nature of the trading, which is best described in a quote from Bernard Baruch – “The main goal of the market is to make fools of as many people as possible.”

I use Wyckoff heritage, Cluster Analysis, Crowd Behavior, Liquidations, Delta, Weis Waves, Profiles, etc.

I hope, my knowledge will help you to be on the side of the winning minority. I have nothing to hide. Chart Reading works everywhere and always.