We have 1-2-3 up-ward channel on place (red lines).
This is the borders of up-trend. While the price has been moving within 1-2 top-half of the channel, a lot of buyers did profits and happiness. They were in the extreme majority (blue bold lines on Profit Ratio indi).

But market is not a place to produce profits and happiness for everybody. Thus, look at what did happen next.

Follow blue markers:

  1. Up-bar with spike in volume. Hitting 75.50 level.
  2. The next two down-bars erased all profits from bar 1. So, 1+2 combination created a Trap (preparation for further decline).
  3. Decline. Bullish happiness (profits) turned to tears (losses).
  4. Price hit a parallel trend-line with series of bearish bar. Despite the volumes were not too extreme in size, I believe market experienced Panic emotions. Note the speed of decline increased.
  5. Majority jumped into shorts The goal of decline seems to be completed
  6. No supply
  7. Demand bar

NS+DB is not very obvious on this chart (because of the volumes data from forex broker). Nevertheless, the shapes of price movements make me believe this market has more bullish intentions than bearish.

Maybe price is going to reach 2-line in the next days.

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