AUDUSD H4 overview

AUDUSD H4 overview

1/ Note, on this down wave, sellers were in Profits. New entered sellers also gained profits. All indicators pointed in selling. This is a perfect situation for a professional minority to build a absorb a flow of Sell-orders and Build Big Longs.
2/ Bad for selling crows (as often) price moved in an unfavorable direction…
3/ … and settled well above 0.68 (red line).

Now let’s think. If the market is strong and it is going to step upwards to new high ground – what it wants to do before? Right. It wants to knock out buyers in order to let them no make profits from the further rally. That is why we got …

4/ Knocking the Stop-Loss Clusters (Blue lines) and knock out buyers from the market.
5/ Buyers are knocked out enough.
6/The market is ready to go up higher.

What is next? IMO, this market has more bullish intentions than bearish in mid-term.

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