BA stock overview

BA stock overview

#BA #stock is moving slightly down since March month. You can see a lot of volume on down bars on those days. That quick change was powered by tragedy news – airplane dropped. It was really unexpected news. We can not find any signs of bearish reversal from chart. Many investors sold their stocks. We can easily plot the channel using local highs and lows (green circles).

Note how price and volume around lines give you confirmation of reversals.
1) #NS+#DB around the support line
2) The sequence of weakness around the resistance line

The very recent drop formed #EVRB bar 21/Oct. Narrow range, extra high volume just at the line of support. People did feel panic after big gap down opening that day. However, as we can see in hindsight, price rejected to develop decline, So, it was hidden strength from EVRB day.

Despite stock is acting weaker than index (orange line), you are justified to rely on support around bottom blue line. Longs can be established there. The closer to line of support- the better. But be cautious if price will extend decline amid increasing volume. It will be a sign of breaking down through support.

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