BCHUSD chart reading

BCHUSD chart reading

BCH is acting stronger than crypto market during the current moment. Let’s read its chart.

  • 1) I always claim: uptrends start from fake down-move (SLKB) in 90% of cases. here is Trap / SLKB before up-trend. Professionals did kill SLs of buyers under ‘safe’ level 200.00 before pushing price higher.
  • 2) Demand bar
  • 3) No Supply bar
  • 4) Demand Bar. While you have NS+DB+NS+DB … – sit calm and wait while your longs go higher and higher.
  • 5) China-news-powered Pump with breaking above level of resistance (dotted level)
  • 6) #EVRT (built-n weakness)
  • 7) No-Supply during testing of breakout level.
  • 8) #DB – Demand bar as the response to #NS
  • 9) Here is the bar when BCH demonstrated its relative strength in comparison with TOTAL index (orange line).

What’s the outlook / idea?

I suggest BCH operators are interested in Fake penetration of 300 round number (a reversed version of bar number 1).

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