This is a Daily chart of the EURUSD market, data from average forex broker, with Crowd-Behavior indicators. EURUSD is going to found support, and here is why:

  1. The ratios are extremely high. It means the bottom is soon. The previous times we had Ratios>75 were price bottoms on 3rd/Sept/19 and 1st/Oct/2019
  2. Profit Ratios also are overdriven.
    What is also important:
  3. We had a previous major low on the background. And look here [4]. This is a big cluster of sell-stop orders.

So, the trading plan could be as follows:

  • First, wait for the moment when the price will reach point [4] (around 1.08675)
  • Second, get confirmations around this level (say, minor panic, or minor SLKB)
  • Third, get into longs (as an option, stops could be set below 1.0860)

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