GBPUSD is losing its bullish character

GBPUSD is losing its bullish character

1) I think it was #FOMO Buying culmination. Probably, some bullish news was released there. This is ultra-wide bar. Small retail traders can not move the currency rates so wide. Big professionals was active there. What was the result of that activity.

2) #GBP was capable to reach (and even overbought) the top line before huge up-bar 1 (green). But it was incapable to reach the top line of the channel after huge up-bar 1 (red circles).

3) #EVRT
4) The first Minor Bearish Cha Cha
5) #ND – No demand
6) Supply Pressure and breakdown the support line
7) Testing the breakdown
8) Resuming the bearish pace.

I’d like to expect the reaching of the bottom blue line.

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