Inner Workings

Inner Workings

I use example from #USDCHF. However, this mechanic is valid also for all markets – crypto, forex, stocks

  • 1) We have active down-trend in place.
  • 2) Lot of traders have opened shorts. More than 75% of opened positions – are shorts. Let’s assume – the downtrend is going to resume. But market is not designed to make money for people. That is market needs some trick to kick off sellers from profitable positions. How? By triggering their Stop-losses. And then…
  • 3) …SLKT – Stop-Loss Killing bar – arrives. This SLKT manipulation…
  • 4) …dramatically decrease the balance of Buyers and Sellers on market. The reason – …
  • 5) … sellers are knocked out from their shorts. They could earn some profits, instead they left the market without profits (as usual).

That is why we should expect a decline in the up-coming next week. Thanks for reading.

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