Market Cycle

Market Cycle

Markets Move within Neverending Cycle:
Balance – Unbalance – Balance – Unbalance – Balance – Unbalance – Balance – Unbalance – …

  • Balances appear in form of Wedges (Narrowing Triangles) where Buyers and Sellers match each other and market price is close to inner fair value.
  • Unbalances appear in form of Trend Channels. When Inner Fair Value (Equilibrium) moves Out of Balance. Then Market Price starts to pursuit Equilibrium.

But before starting the pusuit, It often (Not always) when Market makes the Fake Move (Trap) In order to mislead the Crowd and Let no Majority to join pursuit.

Example from #BTCUSD

  • 1/ Previous balance
  • 2/ Equilibrium is moving out. Professional insiders (Minority) track this invisible better than Crowd (Majority).
  • 3/ Trap in Downward direction
  • 4/ Up-Trend (Pursuit)
  • 5/ Current Balance

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