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Oleg Alexandrov, market analyst at Tradunity

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Because major media are designed to LEAD A CROWD.
Chart Reading Pro is designed to USE OWN BRAINS and build an independent opinion.

How do some traders make great careers, while others still collect losses?

What are they doing differently?

The answer? It’s how they learn and practice.

  • They build good habits that enable them to focus on cutting losses and letting profits run.
  • They use rational tools & ideas and discard everything that doesn’t work.
  • But most importantly, they have a good start.

They have great mentorship and advice right from the jump. This is critical because bad habits are hard to break. Furthermore, fake experts and misinformation from mainstream media lead to a lot of blown deposits and frustration 😓.

As a trader, it’s likely you’re thinking about this all the time. Maybe you’re not sure what to learn.

Maybe you have tried some courses, but they were disappointed. Or maybe you simply want to start off on the right path.

You are addicted to markets, and you want to make your best work possible.

So you want to find the best education at an affordable price or even free.

Introducing: Chart Reading Pro Method – From Zero to Hero

Nowadays, when it comes to being an independent trader, it’s about more than just having analytical talents and good computer skills.

And with all of today’s technologies, almost anyone able to study the markets, test strategies, indicators in order to reach consistent profits even from the bedroom.

Yet, often the opposite is true.

Over the years I’ve contacted thousands of novice traders, and the honest truth is that over 90% of these guys used wrong tools and questionable methods. No wonder, their brokerage reports were …

… deplorable.

I was getting tired of explaining why their trades moved in the wrong direction. It’s all due to a lack of reliable knowledge. They don’t have any idea how to judge the market inner workings using the universal law of supply and demand.

Heck, I’m not even talking about money management yet 😊

And when I jumped online —no surprise— there isn’t a dedicated resource where market explorers can learn this important stuff in a simple way.

Roughly 70% of the traders I personally deal with, actually confirmed that they struggle with analyzing markets, finding setups, and executing trades.

I decided it was time for a change 💪

Instead of coaching traders & analysts one by one, I decided to pack all my knowledge and expertise into a single value-packed…

Chart Reading Pro Method

Based On:

🌟 The Law Of Supply and Demand

🌟 The Law Of Market Energy Conservation (Losses > Profits)

🌟 The Laws Of Logic (Сause & Effect, Effort & Result)

It’s a step-by-step framework that reveals a hidden market mechanic behind the candles. No special graduation needed.

Chart Reading Pro Method respects and correlates with ideas of great Wall Street authorities since the times of Wyckoff and Livermore until the modern markets full of robots.

A method that helps traders to escape from frustrating periods of losing trades and turn them into profits. 🚀


Join The Movement

Let’s help you find the trading setup in harmony with Market Character

Meet your coach 👋

Hey! I’m Oleg Alexandrov!

I’m a market analyst at Tradunity, the founder of Chart Reading Pro.

I have been working with forex brokers for 7 years. My goal was to create simple market analytics to show that trading is “easy”.

Now I am working at Tradunity with hundreds of traders all over the world. I am dedicated to revealing the genuine rules of cruel market game.

If you’re ever somewhat thinking about making a living off trading, then this Chart Reading Pro Method is for you. Today, you can make a difference and take matters into your own hands.

You will share Chart Reading concepts with your children.
Join us today, you won’t regret it, I promise.

Oleg Alexandrov from Ukraine

Some reviews from real people

No edits. Just copy & paste from their messages

Supasawat Chatchawanphasut from Thailand

The Chart reading course provided Oleg Alexandrov is fabulous and very informative. I read the course content and went through teaching videos twice without feeling any boredom. Oleg keeps me updated to improve my knowledge. More importantly, the course highlights very in detailed info. Even after the course, Oleg still gives me information for any single questions I have.

Nicholas Novak from Switzerland

When starting to trade, I was totally clueless of which types of financial analysis may help me to find good trading opportunities. Fortunately, I found Oleg’s chart reading course which is part of the Tradunity Academy. His approach of analysis, based on volume and price interactions, helped me a lot to understand how behaviours like FOMO and FUD work and how we can detect them on candle stick charts. I can say, that his methodologies help me to make better trading decisions as his approach is different to patterns and indicators and shows another aspect of the chart. I can fully recommend Oleg’s course material, which has always been very helpful for me.

Rushi Khimani from Canada

The course which I took in Tradunity was Chart reading course created by the Master itself Oleg Alexandrov. It took me 1 year to learn as just learning is the easiest part but practice is the difficult part and then implementing into your trading strategy. I blew my account twice before joining Tradunity, and now due to this course and immense help and constant support from Oleg to the community, I have been profitable this year! Trading just by myself. This has changed my perspective towards the trading world and also I am accelerating towards the goal of financial freedom. I could never would have done that without Tradunity and special Thanks to Master Oleg Alexandrov.

Now, it is your turn

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