Stop-Loss-killers on BTCUSD. December invasion

Stop-Loss-killers on BTCUSD. December invasion

On the first days of December, #BTCUSD found some balance between buyers and sellers. Price did found a temporary calm between 7450 and 7250 (bold black lines).

But the market needs to make losers. That is why we got 2 fake moves.
1/ Probably all the bears who opened shorts on this red bar, were stopped out by…
2/ …this green wide pump. The buyers who opened longs on this up-bar, were stopped out on…
3/ …this wide red bar. Trading is a cruel business.

When the market made enough losers from traders (the good job is done), it wanted to rest for a while. That is why we can see another entering into the same balance between 7450 and 7250.

The main outlook is neutral.
4/ But this bar with long wide-tail and volume-spike (SLKT-style), it makes me a bit more bearish.

Have a great weekend.

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