USDCAD overview

USDCAD overview

Why does #USDCAD have a short-term bullish outlook?

1) The indicator shows – Sellers were in the black, what happened afterward? When a lot of people have a profit from a market, it is not preferable for the market by nature. A continuation decline would mean more benefits for sellers. Therefore, growth is more likely.

2) Here is growth. As often happens, small profits for traders (in this case, for sellers) turned out to be big losses for them.

3) Now, buyers already have a profit. But the market does not allow them to earn, pulling back lower after the profit of buyers becomes too large.

4) This growth has attracted new buyers. If the market is really strong (located on the eve of a new price increase), then it should be knocked out of the position of buyers before going up.

5) Like that. This manipulative down-bar (trap) has reduced the number of buyers in profit. It also confirmed expectations on growth.

6) A similar action has already happened here. This happens on the eve of any growth of any market in 90% of cases. Check it out.

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