What is important in the recent BTCUSD Head-and-Shoulders pattern

What is important in the recent BTCUSD Head-and-Shoulders pattern

Many traders noted reversed SHS pattern on the BTCUSD market. But what is important. Study the price/volume on downwaves 1 and 2.

1st down-wave has
40 ticks progress
13k volume

2nd down-wave has
34 ticks progress
18k volume

Suppose the volume is effort and price progress is the result of effort. Then you can suggest the bears got smaller results amid bigger effort. This is a sign of hidden strength. Yellow bars show a period of fast trading activity. This is a sign of professional whales were present at 7.2 and 6.8. What did they do? If they turned from bearish to bullish then this zone 6800 and 7200 is becoming a zone of strength.

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