Win the prize

Win the prize

Take part in the Website feedback competition is preparing to launch its first products and announces a competition for the wide audience. Among the prizes are: 500 BUSD coins and 5000 $8F tokens.

Benefit from 8.Finance before the project has even started!

Take 3 steps to participate in the competition

Step One

Subscribe to:

Step two

  • Visit the 8F site here

Step three

  • Fill out the form here.

While filling it out:

  • Leave your contacts
  • Leave a review about the visited 8F site
  • Learn how to invite friends and get more coins

Rules for distribution of rewards

1000 tokens $8F will be distributed among the authors of the 5 most useful reviews of the site – their impressions, opinions, recommendations.

10 random people will receive $50 in BUSD and 100 $8F tokens

For each invitee you will receive 20 project coins

Before you start filling out the form, find your BNB BEP20 address to receive rewards for participating in the contest.

You can get answers to your questions about the promotion in the Telegram group.

The contest runs until May 1, 2022.

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