XRPUSD update

XRPUSD update

This particular analysis could be applied to the whole crypto industry as well.

First, all down-moves start from the initial up-impulse. And all up-moves start from the initial down-impulse.
As an example, the recent ABC bullish has started from initial down-move [1]. (Note the 17/Dec Panic within that initial down-wave).

What is now?
The extra-energetic up-wave [2] could easily be the initial move for the future down-trend (I plot approximately down-trend lines already). Extremely high volumes within wave [2] on 13/Feb represents the FOMO buyers who entered the trap above psycho number 0.3. Sell-off [3] locked them in losses.

What is next?
I expect some bullish low-energetic move [4] powered by support from C-line and SFDB zone. But this move has small odds to expand into a larger move with that great Weakness Zone above 0.3. That why the next bearish attack [5] should break down line C.

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